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Utsikt över vattnet vid Slusen från Convendums nya co-working space, ritat av Rex Arkitektbyrå

Convendum Glass House

Convendum establishes modern Coworking spaces with high service in business areas, mostly in Stockholm but in other cities as well. Our office has been involved from the start with developing a concept for the coworking spaces. Colour scheme, furniture, lighting design and details reoccur in all Convendum spaces which makes you feel relaxed at all establishments. The soft colour palette results in a comfortable atmosphere, and the broadloom create good acoustics.


Convendum Slussen had unique conditions compared to other sites; the glass façade towards the beautiful view made us choose another layout here. A lot of people can enjoy the view thanks to a “beachwalk” along the windows. Further inside the space is divided with glass walls into blocks, with aisles in between, almost like a small city structure. The four floors consist of meeting rooms, private offices, conference rooms, lounges, coworking spaces, kitchen, reception and a roof terrace.

Convendum in Sussen was nominated to Swedens Finest Office 2019.

LOCATION: Stockholm, Slussen
5000 sqm (500 work places)

Du har en vision. Du vill skapa något och har tankar om att bygga, renovera, inreda eller anpassa en byggnad. Vi på Rex Arkitektbyrå förädlar och förvaltar din arkitektoniska vision. 
Varm färgskala användes när Rex Arkitektbyrå ritade Convendums nya co-working space i Slussen
Rex Arkitektbyrå ritade Convendums nya co-working space i Slussen
Korridor i Convendums nya co-working space i Slussen, av Rex Arkitektbyrå.
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Furniture designed for the project