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About Rex Arkitektbyrå

Rex Arkitektbyrå has built up an extensive portfolio of hotels, offices, villas and apartments over the years. We work with projects in all parts of Sweden as well as abroad. The strength of the company is our experience and interest in all types of projects; from restoration to new construction, from private to public and from city planning to design and interior. We adapt our services to the specific need of the client. The office has always had committed, demanding and conscious clients who turn to us because they feel confident that we will deliver what they expect, and more. Our goal is always to create good architecture with respect for the environment and the society. We cultivate and conduct your architectural vision.

Our Team

Get to know us who works here at Rex!

Olle Rex

“Now I can confidently put my 50 years of work experience to good use.”

Olle is founder of the company as well as owner together with Fredrik, but first and foremost a great source of ideas and experience for customers as well as colleagues. Olle sees the long-term development of the company and is driven by evolving the architectural knowledge.

He creates with curiosity and bravery thanks to all his earlier experience, and he quickly sees solutions and can sort out ideas that will not hold in the long run. The confidence comes from years of trying out ideas for various needs, both practically and architecturally. This also makes it easier to assess new ideas that no one has seen before. “It is such a joy to enthuse the clients based on experience, creative ideas and solutions.”

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Fredrik Widigs

“We feel better if we get to live in a beautiful home – everybody should have the opportunity to do so.”

Fredrik has been interested in houses and homes since a young age, he started here in 2019 and earlier worked with city planning and offices. Our many residential projects here at Rex fits Fredrik’s creative side and eye for details well. He is driven to create beautiful solutions in harmony with the surroundings for customers.

It is apparent that Frederik is patient and accurate in the way he carefully works with details even in early phases of a project, in the form of building permits and 3D-sketches. “3D is an important tool to make the client understand the feeling and atmosphere, as well as function and smart solutions.”

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Elin Andersson

”It’s exciting to work with projects where new meets old, and we have many projects of that kind.”

Elin started here in 2019, she studied the first three years of the education in Umeå where the school is more focused on the creative side of architecture. That might be the reason why Elin likes the early, creative project phases, to sketch and solve problems. She is curious, wants to learn a lot and try out new things.

During her master studies in Stockholm Elin chose the direction towards sustainability in the building process. She is devoted to sustainable materials, to restore and make use of the existing, and has previous experience from residential project, renovations and extensions. “It is all about finding solutions where sustainable ideas and regulation for renovation and construction can go hand in hand.”

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Carolin Frögren

“Genuine crafts and high level of detail must be highly valued”

For as long as she can remember, Carolin has been interested in buildings, interior design and how different environments affect its surroundings. Originally the interest comes from the family's boatyard; an eye for detail has always been highly valued. The historical interest was an important reason why Carolin during her studies chose a specialization that focused on culturally sensitive places, reconstruction and restoration. In addition, there is a great curiosity and desire to find the best solution - the combination of these qualities has made her a problem-solving, committed and thoroughly working architect. Carolin appreciates the versatility of the profession and finds it exciting to follow the unique development of each project. "The progress of a project takes place step by step and in close consultation with the customer, it is a privilege to be able to follow that development from the first ideas to the finished result."

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Hilda Carlsson

A description about Hilda will be here shortly!

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Katerina Gurova

A description about Katerina will be here shortly!

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“Architecture starts when you carefully put two bricks together”

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe