Rex Arkitektbyrå logga

Our Ideology

All buildings and environments that we create at Rex Arktektbyrå are made with people in mind. The things we design are meant to be appreciated now, as well as to live on to the upcoming generations.

Every company needs to have an ideology, a mindset that guides the decisions of the company. This applies to both small, everyday decisions and large, overarching processes. We have compiled a list of eleven points that will guide everyone you will meet at Rex Arkitektbyrå in every kind of project.


Urban structures and individual buildings shall be designed with the history of the place as a point of departure, and with careful consideration to the surroundings.


The core of the design idea shall be a result of the project purpose. The degree of architectural care shall stand in proportion to this purpose and the significance of the building.


There shall be a hierarchical order to the artistic organisation of every project, where all parts are related in a harmonic way. The quality of the design comes from considerate planning within given economical frames.


Every building and groups of buildings fill practical functions, but also tells the users about the values of the time when they came about. The design shall be done without exaggeration and with an open mind to new architectonic expressions.


The materials and details of buildings and their surroundings shall be in balance with each other so that people don’t get overwhelmed with the environments that surrounds them.


The concept of garden should be actively realised in every project, in a way that gives people an experience beyond the building itself.


Art shall be integrated with the architecture from the start; to subsidise it and let time and local culture bear traces into the future.


Craftmanship shall be given free room to play in details where the users can experience and feel joy over the result of individual craftsmen’s careful work.


Design shall be incorporated into projects so that individual building components also have an aesthetic purpose.


The building projects shall enable a service to the tenants, which includes carefully adapted solutions that fit the tenants’ needs and their profiles in the buildings.


All building assignments shall aim to reach the expectations of the society and the surroundings. That way the projects get an added value that will last for a long time.