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Project Phases

Building projects are complex processes that go on for many months or even years. Our assignment as architects can be limited to certain parts of the project, or we can be involved in the entire project from start to finish, from an idea to a built structure. We usually divide a project into different phases so that you as a client get a good insight and understand what we do at various stages.

Phase 1

Idea and program

We analyse the site and formulate your wishes. With this in mind we formulate different solutions and present them in plan sketches and volumetric sketches. 

Phase 2

Building Permit

We draw a formal planning application that is sent to the Urban Planning Department. This phase also needs a constructor and Inspection manager, whom are hired separately.    

Phase 3

Request for quotation

We prepare the documents that are necessary to be able to calculate a price and time plan for the project. This can include project drawings such as plans and elevations, specifications of materials, products and details. The documents can then be sent to entrepreneurs in request for quotations, which in turn provides the foundation for a contract.

Phase 4

Choosing an Entrepreneur

We help evaluate the received quotations and negotiate with entrepreneurs to find the right one for the project.

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Phase 5

Construction Documents

The drawings are updated with the agreed changes or additions with the chosen entrepreneur. These construction documents are binding; the entrepreneur must build according to them.

Phase 6


We follow the project during the building phase and give support to the developer and the entrepreneur. Often this is in the form of advice or new ideas in response to unforeseen events or conditions at the building site.

Follow-up on site
Phase 7

Final Inspection

When the project is finalized there is a formal inspection on-site with an inspector from the municipality, where the concerned parts of the building permit is checked. When it is approved; all documentation is sent to the municipality and you get a final certificate. Now you can start using the building!

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”

– Antoine de Saint-Exupery