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Ny konfektyravdelningen på NK, designad av Rex Arkitektbyrå

NK Confectionery

Rex Arkitektbyrå has design a new confectionery division in the department store Nordiska Kompaniet in Stockholm. It was important to create an inviting space with a good overview, both for the customers and the staff. The dark, exclusive mahogany wood matches the colour of the main product in the department: the chocolate praline. The top of the counters are made of white marble, a contrast to the mahogany that otherwise can become a bit heavy. Some details are specifically designed for this project, such as the wall shelves with small, movable containers for the different type of sweets.

LOCATION: Stockholm
Nordiska Kompaniet
Renovation, retail 
Small department

Specialritade vägghyllor utförda helt i mahogny i NK:s nya konfektyravdelning av arkitekterna på Rex
The specially designed wall shelves with movable containers.
Närbilder på fiberoptikbelysningen av chokladpralinerna. NK:s nya konfektyravdelning av Rex Arkitektbyrå.
Förvaring i NKs nya konfektyravdelning av arkitekterna på Rex